This is a retail love story!

I never intended to fall for you, but I couldn't help it. There you were, slyly tucked in the corner, overshadowed by the clothes hanging around you. The green embroidery around your neck caught my eye, and the flowy sleeves showed your grace. But I quickly got a grip over myself, and told myself that... Continue Reading →

Fleabag – the most devastating show I’ve ever seen!

Still recovering from the grief of losing her mother, Fleabag loses her best friend, Boo to a road accident and is now left all alone to deal with life. It is a brutally honest account of a woman in her mid-thirties, trying to cope with grief and loneliness using copious amounts of sex and self-destruction.... Continue Reading →

The comfort of monotony

After binging 3 episodes of Breaking Bad, I sigh at the turn of events in the show and realize that I'm thirsty. My eyes quickly search for the wall clock above the emboss painting; It is 12:25 am, and according to my parents, I'm sound asleep. I swiftly get up from my bed and take... Continue Reading →

In the quest of finding you, I've travelled too far from home. I'm lost in an ocean of strangers, In a strange town and There is no sign of you. I've looked in the dark alleys and called out your name a countless times. Your neighbour says I'm delusional, And no one by your name... Continue Reading →

Goodbye home!

I'm not moving to a new city, and no, I'm not homesick. But I'm moving to a new place which isn't home. After commuting to the suburbs for nearly seven months now, I've realized that in a city like Bombay when you are an eighty-year-old Grandma like me, the best decision is to stay close... Continue Reading →

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